Версия 2.4
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     канал ALRM
     канал CTRL
     канал DEMO
     канал FILE
     канал LOG
     канал MYSQL
     канал RS232
     каналы SSL-TX/SSL-RX
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     каналы UDP-TX/UDP-RX
  • лицензия (GPL): rus, eng
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  • протокол DTP/DIA
    Версия 2.3
  • описания:
  • dia-on-floppy (lite)
  • download (for win32 only)
  • лицензия:
     (LGPL) rus, eng
  • short description
  • thermo on Palm OS
  • IETF internet draft of DTP/DIA

    The described protocol was developed for the application in distributed information measurement systems (IMS) at any stage of communication. It was designed for transmission of measured data from measuring devices to processing and storing equipment. Also it does support common device identification in distributed IMS. Due to its simplicity it can be easily implemented in firmware of any digital measuring device.

    Latest official draft is available on www.ietf.org.

    The first application of DTP/DIA is the unique net of online air temperature, pressure and humidity meters, constructed and assembled in Petrozavodsk State University: thermo.karelia.ru. Sensors yield data every 5 minutes, various graphs, for example for Petrozavodsk, are renewed every half hour. Information is available for other web sites under cooperation treaty.

    This site contains information about DTP/DIA software implementation. The DIA program fully implements all the features of DTP/DIA:

  • transmission of data in small stand-alone packet over both streamed (connection-oriented) and message-oriented channels;
  • few data presentation forms
  • transmission of measured data accompanied with information about measurement error and its unit measure;
  • identification mechanism;
  • detection of packet start (packet leading sequence), check sum and time stamp.